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Client centered and solution focused

  I will use many skills to help and support you, in a professional, non judgmental and understanding way. You are the expert on You and a client centered approach means the sessions are lead by what suits you the best, we work together to explore what will work for you personally, as we are all unique and have different experiences and perspectives, which is what has brought you to where you are right now. Solution Focused, is about recognising and acknowledging that a change needs to happen, and that you want it to happen and then looking at the best solutions, for you, then being commited to the change. I help you with the 'How' to change. The changes need only be small to make a big difference to your life. I explain everything to you, in as much detail as you need, to help you understand yourself better, and live the life you choose.  


Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing effective tool, to help You overcome many isues. Whilst I facilitate the hypnotherapy for you, You are fully in control of the process.


Self confidence underpins everything you do. Lack of self confidence, or low self esteem, fear of change, or fear of rejection, can hold you back, from being You and reaching your full potential.

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and Stress and the associated symptoms CAN be relieved. You don't have to suffer in silence. With support you can get back to feeling like YOU again.


Motivation is something we can all struggle with, even with the best intentions, plans or goals. I can teach you skills to help achieve what it is you want, and to understand yourself better.


Panic disorder - recurring and regular frightening distressing panic attacks, often for no apparent reason, causing a lot of anxiety for sufferers, which can be overcome.


Are you confident that you have an effective CV,  know how to apply for jobs, prepared for interview? Would you like help and advice to feel prepared and confident to deliver your best and showcase your skills?


Fears and phobias can blight your life in many ways, sometimes severely, varying vastly for each person, and are not to be trivialised. There are techniques to help You

A2B Workshops

Develop your inner Confidence, Motivation & Present Confidently. Personally or Professionally - My workshops are packed with information. You will learn many skills for You achieve what you want

How can I help you?

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