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what peole are saying after attending my courses, it is about You


A2B Confidence to be your best You 10 week course

Over the 10 weeks we cover

  • what confidence and self-confidence is, and self-esteem
  • Understanding how your mind works : It's OK to be You, knowing who you are : what makes you happy?
  • How we learn : why we find change difficult sometimes : Perception
  • Beliefs and habits : Self limiting beliefs : Stepping out of your 'comfort zone' and building resilience
  • Communication : being heard and getting your point across : saying NO : standing up for You
  • Anxiety and fears and how to overcome them : Emotions
  • Your strengths and skills : Believing in them : responsibility and leadership
  • Motivation and how to set effective goals
  • Self-belief : vision boards : the power of your mind : mindfulness
  • A recap on all the learning : certificates

...and so much more. As the weeks progress the group grow in confidence, contributing and sharing within the group which enhances their learning experience.

The feedback has been incredible 

Please contact me if you would like to know more and are interested to have a course run within your organisation or business


Here is some of the amazing feedback I have received

A2B Motivational Training

  • Do you Value yourself?
  • Do you feel valued?
  • Do you want to feel more Confident in yourself and your abilities?
  • Would you like to overcome fear that holds you back from achieving your best?
  • Would you like confidence in speaking with people, communicating better?
  • Maybe more confidence presenting at work or events?
  • As an employer, do you want to help with the health and well being of your staff and therefore your business?
  • Or to gain more understanding of the benefits of a workforce that feel valued, Confident, motivated, inspired and happy?

Develop your inner Confidence, feel more Motivated and Present Confidently - Whether personally or professionally -  The workshops are friendly, informative and fun. You will leave feeling great, and with tools to be your Best You. I can also deliver workshops to suit your business.

I run A2B Workshops and Training for You and for your Business.

Confidence in their competence, and how Motivated and valued your Staff feel in their role affects their Productivity, reliability and loyalty. How you or your staff present themselves or the business, has an impact too. Learning to present a talk, do a pitch, or run a meeting is an also a great asset to your business.

My A2B Workshops are informative and fun, but mostly empowering and inspiring to help individuals, or teams / businesses and leaders to feel more Confident and competent in their abilities and skills.  


Confidence and Motivation is directly linked to productivity. Low self-esteem, lack of motivation, poor presenting skills have a negative affect on you, and on Business. On average 9.9 million working days are lost through Stress, Anxiety and Depression. This has a massive impact on an individual's life, and for business in terms of time wasted, productivity levels and of course financially.

The Physical and Mental health, and well-being of every individual is paramount to feeling happy, confident, motivated and productive. 

I can run Presentations skills in 1 day and Confidence and Motivational skills over 3 – 6 weeks or however works best for your business , bringing in elements of your business model and vision, to make it bespoke to you and your staff.

If you are interested, please do get in touch for more information or an informal chat


Training Learning Aims and Objectives:

  • Building on Self Confidence
  • Finding what Motivates you or the business
  • Challenging self limiting Beliefs and becoming more self aware
  • Overcoming Barriers and Fears
  • An understanding of how we learn
  • Looking at self Accountability, Discipline, Responsibility, and Resilience
  • Organisation skills and effective Time and Task management
  • How to reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Understanding why we sometimes find change difficult and banishing bad habits
  • Setting realistic Goals and being Solution focused
  • Identifying key Strengths and how to build on them
  • The skill of effective Communication, including conflict management
  • Expectations on yourself, others Staff, and Client expectation - leading to a better outcome and client journey
  • Unlock your potential

Feeling Healthy Happy Confident Motivated and Valued leads to a happy healthy personal and work life.

A2B Workshops

A2B Workshop - MOTIVATE

23rd January, 3oth January and 6th February 2018

9.30am - 12.30pm

This 3 day workshop over 3 weeks - is packed with information for you to use

What are people saying about my workshops?

I love running my workshops, the group dynamics is great, and everyone gets so much from all the information, exercises and interacting with each other. Confidence levels definitely increase.

Feedback is invaluable to find out what works, and what can be improved

Out of thirty-five feedback forms where I asked the question:

How likely are you to recommend my workshop? 1 being not likely and 10 be very likely

I have twenty-five 10’s – nine 8-9, and one 7 - This makes me immensely proud, and helps me know I am providing the best I can, to help people feel better about themselves, more confident and motivated to live a life they choose.

A few comments from the feedback forms:

‘It wasn’t what I thought, it was so much better’ (a manager)

‘Really made me think’    -    ‘Thought provoking, I really enjoyed it, thank you’  -

 ‘Can’t think of anything to improve the workshop’ x 5

‘Good information, loved the group discussion’  

‘I now have a better understanding of what hold people back from feeling confident, a brilliant workshop’

‘I’m really happy I came along, and grateful for all I’ve learnt and feel this is a workshop for anyone with low confidence. It was fantastic’

‘Well delivered, I learnt so much, that I now want to put in practice’

‘I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments, and feel so much more confident to present’

‘I feel so much more confident, capable and motivated to make a difference in my life, in order to achieve my goals.

‘I really like the way the day was structured. Brilliant’