What is confidence to you?

What does confidence mean to you?

Being able to do the things you like confidently? Feeling at ease with yourself? Being a better You?  Feeling happy inside? Being able to take that course, get that job? Liking yourself? Dealing with all situations and people better? Speaking up for yourself? Approaching people without fear of rejection? I believe that self confidence underpins and affects everything you do and are. Lack of self confidence, or low self esteem and fear of change, or fear of being rejected, can hold you back in so many ways. Take heart though, we all feel or have felt we lack self confidence. Sometimes we can be great in one area of our life, and suffer lack of confidence in another. Your unique thought processes, habits and behaviours, if negative, can be reprogrammed into positive ones, helping you become a more confident You.

It really does take confidence and courage sometimes to change things, due to possibly upsetting the status quo, being told you ‘can’t’ or fearing change. You may not know HOW, well I can help you, enabling you to grow and develop into your best YOU, being confident in your skin, in your abilities and looking after yourself - doing what is best for you. Doing what is best for you is not selfish, it is empowering, and if you feel happy in yourself, everyone around you will gain from that. I know that when you feel happy and positive in yourself, the people around you will respond positively too. Even with the smallest of changes, you will notice big results. By taking small little steps towards what you want and seeing, feeling the results, you will not want to go back, and will feel so motivated to keep moving forward - positively enjoying life, and seeing all circumstances as an experience, an opportunity to look at things in the best possible light and as a part of your life experience, helping you to learn and grow confidently in all areas of your life. I can help you become more confident in everything that you do, using Hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques working with you to find the best solutions for You. Helping You be the best You can be.

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