What do you put on a CV?

How do you use a CV?


How do you show case your skills?

What skills do you have?

What are transferable skills that you can take into another job?


How do you effectively fill out an application form?

How do you read a job advert / description of a job role?


What does competency based questions or a competency based interview mean?


What do employers want to know?

What are the top skills wanted by employers?

Do you know the job market?


What is the best way you can represent yourself?


Do you want to feel confident about applying for a job?

Do you want confidence in an interview?

How do you make sure you are prepared?


Would you like to feel more motivated?

Would like to be more confident?

Would you like to be more positive?

Do you generally want to feel more confident in yourself and your abilities?


Would like to feel more confident and motivated in your current job?

Break down your self limiting beliefs and barriers to work?


Would you like your team to feel more motivated and positive?


Do you want to know how to effectively set goals and achieve them?


CV’s – Applications - Interview – Motivation – Confidence - Goal setting

The great thing about all the above is that they are all skills and techniques you can learn.

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