Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias can blight your life in many ways, sometimes severely. Fears and Phobias range vastly from each individual, and are not to be trivialised.

To those of you who do suffer…the ‘fear’ and the way you feel is so real in that moment, or even at the thought of your phobia…your rational mind knows it is an ‘irrational’ response, which can add to the stress of this condition.

The most common way people deal with their Fear or Phobia is through avoidance, this is a fine way in some instances, if it does not affect your day to day living, or life events.

Does your Fear of Phobia affect your life?

Do you tremble at the thought of what causes you such real fear and emotion?

Have you missed family events, holidays, interviews, meeting people, moving forward in your job, from functioning in  a normal way for you, or do you avoid living a complete and fulfilling life altogether? Including simple pleasures like going for a walk, out for a meal, even going shopping?

Does your heart race so hard, do you feel sick, sweaty, faint, dizzy, overwhelmed, like you need to run away, or hide?

Do you even feel like you may die?

These and many other feelings are a real physical symptom of your Fears and Phobias, your body’s response designed to help you in situations that require it.

With a Fear or Phobia – generally this response does not serve you now.

Would you like to be Free of your Fear and Phobia?

Hypnotherapy and other coaching techniques I use can help you very successfully.

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