A New Year a New You?!

Is making New Year’s resolutions a good idea?

It is personal choice and what works for you of course – however many people fall away early on and are left feeling like they have ‘failed’

Why is this?

Mostly due to the Goal set being too big to climb, and no incremental step by step plan in place

Also due to tying to be or aspire to something you are not – rather than just working on the improved authentic version of yourself.

My Advice :

  • Work on the skills you already have – first you do need to acknowledge what they are. Get help to do this.
  • Reflect on the last year and focus on all that went right for you, and what you learnt from what didn’t go as planned
  • Any areas you do feel you struggle with – get support, find a ‘buddy’ or make a step by step plan – by focusing on your overall intention for the year and then break it down to what you need to do each month, week or day. Smaller chunks are so much easier
  • Lastly – be kind to yourself by celebrating any wins (small ones count too) and don’t beat yourself up for having an off day – give yourself some Time Out and re-focus the next day

You CAN do this!