Small changes = Big results

A small story

Just a small story to highlight how something so small can make such a difference.

I had a new composite door fitted a while back, and I was incredibly pleased with it, until one day the locking mechanism would not work. Unfortunately for me, I was on the outside of my house, and the door would not lock, and would not open, and my back door was locked with the key in the door! I was on my way to a meeting that I needed to attend, so had to leave it. A locksmith came out late that night, as I was out of hours for the door manufacturer, with the total confidence he would get me in through my door ‘in a jiffy’ Nope! He really tried, but was worried about ruining the door. I was stranded.

The manufacturer sent their guy out the following day, with difficulty, he opened the door, stripped, cleaned and oiled the mechanism – bingo, it worked…for one day! He came out again baffled, and as he started to take the mechanism out again, noticed a loose very small screw, less than (I’m guessing here) 0.01% of the entire mechanism of the door, causing the fault!

This leads nicely into the principle which is Kaizen:

Kaizen – Continuous Improvement

I have been reading Tony Robbins book ‘Awaken the Giant within’ quite a read.

He mentions Kaizen. This is a Japanese principle of Continuous Improvement, which actually originated due to a collaboration with an American: Dr. W. E. Deming, sent to Japan after the second world war, to help with rebuilding an industrial base. The changes he implemented, were seen as a miracle.

His processes included 14 principles and beliefs and reflected how small changes, implemented and evaluated continuously, make a huge difference, over time or the lifetime of a project.

Even a 1% change daily can have such a beneficial effect, on businesses, on personal performance, on motivation levels, on kicking not so good habits and implementing new ones.

I see clients who would like to change many things about themselves, to leave behind thoughts and habits that are holding them back, they quite often see it as an insurmountable mountain, too huge to contemplate, which is a big reason for procrastination, and a sense of having failed before you have even started.

Firstly, it isn’t about changing who you are. Small little shifts can make such a difference if implemented daily, helping to you also build on your Confidence and Motivation. It is good to track your progress, to see how you are doing, and to work out if the goals you have set are realistic and achievable, or do you need to adjust? Though don’t micro manage yourself and put unnecessary pressure on yourself to be achieving, as small changes do need the benefit of some time.

A friend of mine found this resonated with her, because she realised she could easily manage a 1% change, most people are happier with small changes. The one step at a time approach, really is so effective, and sometimes something will just click into place and you will find yourself taking a leap, naturally and easily.

I mentioned the London Marathon above, not one person running would have pitched up on the day, without having taken steps over the year to build up on their running distance, technique and fitness levels, literally one step at a time.

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