I now have the tools to take my life forward


It is hard to express the value for me in working with the amazing people who spend time as clients.
Who take that courageous step in developing themselves and learning to value who they are, with ongoing happy results.
Here is a great testimonial from a wonderful proactive caring person:

“I have worked with Andrea and she has really helped me to change my Imposter Syndrome attitude towards myself and my need to please people all the time.
She has also helped me to see that I cannot help everyone and, even though I need everyone to be OK and happy, this is out of my control and that I need to look after my thoughts and feelings rather than concentrating on everyone else.
We looked at my need for comparing myself to others and I now know that I am just as good as everyone else, but that I have needs that should be met in addition to always wanting to help others.

Thank you Andrea for your hard work with me and I now have the tools to take my life forward”