I am passionate about empowering people to live a life they choose these amazing testimonials also pay tribute to the clients committed to change

The following testimonials have been received either by email, in writing, by phone, or posted on our Social Media pages

Overcoming the fear of flying – the world is now my oyster

This client’s fear of flying was not only affecting them, but their whole family

Below is the message they sent me, once at the holiday destination

Highly recommended

I’d highly recommend attending one of Andrea’s workshops.

The techniques she provided have improved how I feel and view myself, which

in turn is strengthening all aspects of my life



Fear into excitement !


I loved coming to see you
before I had my exam, where I had
to perform in front of examiners
and others.
You helped me so much, and
you managed to turn my fear into
Thank you



Hi Andrea

Thanks for the MP3 – I listened to it in bed last night and slept like a log, so brilliant!

Feel really confident using the techniques you showed me, I feel so good, and that my anxiety is not only managable but resolved

Thank you so much for your help!



Thank you so much

I can’t thank you you enough for helping and coaching my son, through a lack of confidence and anxiety.

I now have my son back


Thank you for helping me change my life

I would just like to take the time to say thank you for helping me change my life!

After 23 years of smoking and vaping, I am now nicotine free 🙂

The moment I stepped through the door, you made me feel welcome and comfortable, and at ease. You explained things in a language I completely understood, and you listened patiently, and gave me invaluable advice.

After the first session, I walked out feeling confident. Some days were challenging, but I found I was easily able to talk to myself positively, it’s so nice not having to constantly worry. I am truly thrilled with the results of our sessions together.

Once again thank you so much for freeing me!



Dear Andrea,

Wow I feel soooooo good, I’m truly amazed.

I know I can incorporate lessons learnt from you, in all areas of my life, and i can be a better more relaxed Dad and Husband

Thank you so much


Feedback from recents Workshops – MOTIVATE

“Andrea has a natural ability to teach. I would recommend others who were looking for help in this way, to attend her workshops”

“The biggest thing I have taken away is how to take small, clear steps, to reach goals’

“The information given was very useful and enjoyable. I am excited by the fact the future can be more positive”

“I now understand my reasons for procrastination. That goals don’t have to be massive. I’ve learnt how to dig deeper into my motivations, then use these to work towards my goals”

“I feel more confident, capable and motivated to make a difference to my life, in order to achieve my goals”

“Andrea made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and I really enjoyed attending the course. I’ve learnt to say ‘no’ and already feel less stressed because of it”

“Thoroughtly enjoyed the course and getting involved, it was Super”

The techniques, tips and the level of support provided was superb

Andrea Barker is a highly professional and a skilled Confidence Coach.
I was invited to present research at a seminar recently but did not feel confident about the content and how well it would be recieved by the audience.
I approached Andrea for her services. The techniques, tips and the level of support she provided was superb.
After my presentation, I asked a colleague for feedback and the response I recieved was “you were really good and you came across really confident!” Someone else at the meeting said “It’s one of the most professional presentations I’ve seen” I was stunned
What a result! Thank you Andrea, I was really impressed with your services and would highly recommend you to others with no hesitation!

Davinia Springer

Confidence and presenting skills for staff

Andrea undertook confidence and presentation skills training of my staff.

I have seen positive results with a change in more positive attitudes being displayed.

The feedback I have had from the staff has been excellent and they appear more confident when dealing with clients.

Veronica White

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