I have recently had the privilege to run a 10 week funded course to help people build on their Confidence.

It has been most humbling and inspiring to be part of the journey my attendees have made, there were 8 in total. It is with much thanks to the wonderful community project in Dartford -Well Being Link – helping vulnerable members of society and those going through adversity, and also with thanks to the Lions Dartford who generously helped fund the course, and The Meeting Place, in Dartford Orchard Centre for the room.

Over the 10 weeks we covered

  • what confidence and self-confidence is, and self-esteem
  • Understanding how your mind works : It’s OK to be You, knowing who you are : what makes you happy?
  • How we learn : why we find change difficult sometimes : Perception
  • Beliefs and habits : Self limiting beliefs : Stepping out of your ‘comfort zone’ and building resilience
  • Communication : being heard and getting your point across : saying NO : standing up for You
  • Anxiety and fears and how to overcome them : Emotions
  • Your strengths and skills : Believing in them : responsibility and leadership
  • Motivation and how to set effective goals
  • Self-belief : vision boards : the power of your mind : mindfulness
  • A recap on all the learning : certificates

…and so much more. The group were amazing and grew in confidence, contributing and sharing within the group which enhanced their learning and mine too.

The feedback was incredible and each attendee felt inspired and so much more confident about themselves – which was the objective 🙂

Please contact me if you would like to know more and are interested to have a course run within your organisation or business


a few photos: