As Janauary draws to a close, I thought I would recap on an amazing month, and start to the year.

I launched this great new website, created by Neil from Clockwork Moggy. Due to his skill, the webiste is much easier to navigate for You.

Carrie, also from Clockwork Moggy, created my wondeful new Logo, which I am so very pleased with. The logo is well thoughout, and represents the completeness and cycle of a circle, the iris of an eye, and the world, there are brain waves and arrows for direction and change, with my intitials within. The colours are my favourite; they are warm, and again they way they are blended represents how we as humans are colourful, complex, and warm, and all that we are is a blend of many things.











Personal Approach – Professional Results – Like Clockwork


I now also have a room at Holcome Health Clinic, on the Chatham / Rochester boarder, with a most wonderful team.

Lou, Julie, Lisa, Tom, Geraldine with many health therapies now offered















I am also running more A2B Workshops, this month the workshop is MOTIVATE – helping you understand Motivation and how to get it, and keep it, and also to understand why we may lack it at times. My workshops are informative, thought provoking and fun. There are many interactive activities, including some goal setting and making Vision Boards. I get great feedback, mostly 10’s – which you will find on my website under testimonials.




















I have also given talks on Confidence and mentored in a local school, as well as seeing clients on a 121 basis, for many things like Anxiety, and phobias, fear of flying, anger / stress and feelings of low self worth.

I can talk to you over the phone or via skype, if you would like to find out any more about what services and therapies I offer.