I will be sharing tips, insights and news on all subjects related to Confidence. I am passionate about what I do and determined to make a difference. Even small changes or shifts can have a big impact on your life, and those close to you.
Being confident is about being happy with yourself, calmly confident with who you are, and that you are unique and have a lot to offer.

‘Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken’

Oscar Wilde

In the News…

I keep an eye on what is in the news regarding Mental Health, and at the moment, it is staggering the amount of current reporting.
Such as – the rise of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and that the level of care needed is not always available. PTSD for most people relates to Military personnel, and the care has been criticised by some, for serving war veterans and those who left the military Read More


Sleep is so important for us. A good amount of sleep rejuvenates us, without good quality sleep we cannot perform well cognitively, we can get grumpy, stressed and be more susceptible to illness, and put ourselves at risk of making mistakes. While we sleep, our sub-conscious mind processes our day, and we dream. Sleep is when our cells repair, which is why we feel tired when we are unwell, as our body only repairs while sleeping. Growth hormone is only active when we sleep, which is why young children and teenagers need their sleep. A typical cycle of sleep is 90 minutes, which is why sometimes you can wake up at an odd hour and feel like you could get up, and other times feel so groggy when woken up. Read More