On the 28th March 2017, I had the pleasure of being invited onto Channel Radio, for the Business Bunker show, by Paul Andrews. This show is to serve and support all local businesses in Kent. This was my first, and hopefully not last, experience of being on a radio show.

You can listen to it the show no. 319 – part 1 on www.bizradio.co.uk or www.channelradio.co.uk

Before going on the show, I asked what area of business would people like more Confidence in by doing a poll, asking if it would be in a) Sales, b) Presenting, c) Using the Telephone, or d) dealing with Conflict? Overwhelmingly it was the area of sales.

There are several reasons as to why people feel they need more confidence in this area. Sales ultimately make or break for your business, and of course is a concern.

‘Sales’ is a form of presenting. Presenting is a top fear; people worry they may get it wrong, be rejected, be judged and that people won’t buy from them. It also can be that they are so under pressure, from themselves or others, to perform or reach targets that may not always be realistic. This sort of pressure is picked up on very quickly by customers or potential customers. Read More

  • Show your Passion and enthusiasm
  • Be yourself
  • You are in Control – you know your subject
  • Relax and Smile – most people don’t – it is your job to put the audience at ease.
  • Depending on where you are – it is your responsibility to do housekeeping e.g. Fire / toilets etc…


  • Connect with your audience and their needs
  • Telling stories is a good way
  • WIIFM – every member of your audience is thinking ‘What’s In It for ME’ if you don’t hook them in with a BENEFIT you may well lose them early on – It is about them – NOT YOU
  • Keep the message Clear and Simple
  • Remember Visual Auditory and Kinaesthetic – graphs, videos, products, get audience involved
  • Be aware not everyone will be interested – but that is OK


  • Practice Practice Practice (the 7 P’s = Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance)
  • Video yourself, practice in front of a mirror or friends / family
  • Don’t be too scripted, so you can be flexible and more natural – remember you do know your stuff and it is ok to have notes to refer to, it just shows you planned, but don’t be tied to them.


  • Keep a relaxed confident body language – no over gesturing and be congruent – so what you are saying rings true with your body language – which is 70% of communication
  • Eye contact – if you feel nervous – look at the top of a person’s head especially if in a large room. Try not to focus on only one or two people they may feel uncomfortable so go around the room, to make people feel involved, these people could be your potential customers. Project your voice to the last person in the room
  • Anchor yourself – standing straight and taking a deep relaxed breath helps – you can also practice the ‘power pose’ before hand – hands on hips and feeling strong, then imagine it, to Anchor yourself before presenting


  • Keep you presentation Clear, Simple, Concise and Relevant. Depending on the length of time you have 3 to 10 points may be enough for people to take on board – you can always give out extra information after, or invite questions and if you have enticed them enough they will have some. Maybe they will want to buy your book, get on your email list for your newsletter…or want a quote for business and meet you for coffee to find out more

  • Don’t over complicate or fill the slides

  • Always have a PLAN B

  • Be truthful – no wild claims and messing with facts

  • Clarify and check in regularly with your audience – especially if a long presentation

  • It is okay to have a ‘call to action’ ie: visit my website for more information. I offer a free Initial Consultation…

Mostly enjoy it as it is a real opportunity for you to get yourself in front of people, to promote yourself and your product or service