What does it really mean to ‘Look after yourself’ and ‘be your own best friend’?

Most of us are great at listening to others and giving advice, being supportive, and being there. This is great so long as you also afford yourself the same care and attention. Think to yourself in situations that may be difficult or overwhelming ‘what would I say to my best friend’ – we tend to be kinder to others, and give solutions with practical advice. It is not always easy, so seek the counsel of someone who you trust, or a supportive organisation. You do not have to do things alone.

You can sometimes take too much on board for other people, whether personally or at work, so that there is no time for YOU, or take on other’s concerns and problems, so that you avoid dealing with your own. This of course can not be sustained and things can unravel around you in many ways, or the very people you are trying to help expect more from you or blame you if things do not go how they want – sound familiar?

It really is OK to help others, so long as you set some parameters and don’t allow the other person to take advantage of you, or not accept responsibility for their own problem or concern and the outcome. Read More