How does it Feel

There are varying levels of relaxation of the mind that in hypnotherapy are called ‘trance states’ that can be achieved using hypnosis techniques.

It is something we all do easily everyday, it is a form of light to deep relaxation, and our mind is responsive to the positive benefits of this state.

It is nothing to worry about and is just like daydreaming - drifting off into your imagination. Or being so relaxed watching the TV or a film that you realise you  have missed part of the programme or film.

If you are a driver, realising you have reached a junction, but do not really remember passing the previous ones.

A deeper state, is that lovely moment before dropping off to sleep, have you ever had a thought pop into your mind at that moment, enough for you to then action it or have to write the thought down? 

The power of your subconscious mind at work.

As a Hypnotherapist I will help you into a trance state that allows your subconscious mind to be most receptive to the changes you would like to make.

Your imagination is an amazing tool and part of Hypnotherapy is accessing your imagination. Don’t worry if you think that you do not have a ‘good’ imagination or ‘can’t’ relax, your subconscious mind will do the work for you in the way that works best for you. Most people find closing their eyes does help, and usually you will be sat in a comfortable chair.

Most people feel deeply relaxed, but you are aware of your surroundings and sounds, though you will find you focus easily on the session itself. If at anytime it was necessary to be fully alert during the session, this is easily achieved.

Once the session has ended you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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