Can everyone have Hypnotherapy?

Everyone 'self hypnotises' or 'Zones out' daily. 

As a Hypnotherapist, I help you to facilitate this state, for the purpose of relaxation and to aid you with the changes you want to make, to move your life forward, to help you challenge old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you well.

Some people think that they cannot be Hypnotised, the only truth in this fact is - if you really don’t want to be then it won’t happen, as You are in control of the process at all times.

If you do feel really sceptical then this will affect your ability and commitment to change, as you do need to have that commitment, and will to fully engage and participate in the process. 

There are no ‘expectations’ of how you should be or feel. 

You may feel a little nervous which is why a free taster session is offered first, which takes up to  45 minutes,  you will soon be put at ease, and most usually the next session and any subsequent sessions, you will look forward to, and easily achieve a lovely relaxed state, to enable your powerful subconscious mind to work positively for you.

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What can Hypnotherapy Help YOU with?