I am passionate about empowering people to live a life they choose these amazing testimonials also pay tribute to the clients committed to change

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Thank you!

I had two sessions with Andrea to help me with some anxiety and in just two sessions, she has changed my life.
She is so patient, understanding and informed.
She made me understand some very complex things using drawings and easy explanations, enabling me to make sense of the changes that were about to happen.
I’d never been hypnotised before but she was amazing – making sure I was OK to do it and knew all about it first.
I’d recommend Andrea for anyone with anxiety or other psychological issues big or small.
I have made breakthrough after breakthrough!
Thank-you Andrea!

S Hawes

A Big Impact

I am really grateful for the sessions, as it has increased my confidence around people enormously. I have been far more relaxed with how I deal with things, and don’t stress too easily.
I appreciate that most of my new found confidence comes from within myself, but I would not have been able to access this without your help and patience. You made me feel totally at ease
You definitely have made a big impact on me. I wanted to thank you, because I have no doubt that without having spent time with you I would not have had a) the confidence to apply for new role, b) received a very exciting new role.
I went into the interview process with a view that as long as I believed in myself and used some of the exercises you showed me, I would at least come out feeling good about myself. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous, but I managed to stay calm. It clearly worked.

Kevin Coyle


I was slightly nervous about visiting and Confidence Coach, I thought it would be a daunting experience. However, Andrea was very professional and made the whole process easy, with brilliant structuring at every step of the way.

I was very impressed with her friendliness, and her ability to calm my thought processes.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrea to anyone in need of positive coaching for both work and personal confidence.


Working Magic

I can’t believe how much calmer and more positive I feel. Thank you for working your magic

Al Frank Monk

Andrea helped me get prepared for a presentation I was nervous about. The presentation went really well – thank YOU!!!, The managers said I seemed confident!! CONFIDENT!! thanks for you help.

I can highly recommend Andrea for anyone who wants to get on in their personal and business life. In the business world today it is vital to be able to stand up and communicate in front of large groups of people and Andrea can certainly help develop your confidence in how to address an audience through tactics of speech delivery, body language and facial expressions. I am no a more confident speaker in front of large groups since working with Andrea.

Al Frank Monk – Videographer/Photographer

Pat – Bromley

I had been carrying a lot of heavy personal, sensitive, baggage for upward of 10 years before I met Andrea. These problems were a millstone I just thought I’d have to live with.

Four sessions later and these deep routed issues have simply gone away. It really is the matter of fact – no big eureka moment – just gone.

Andrea is a vey talented hypnotherapist, but it was her hight levels of professionalism in dealing with highly personal issues that allowed me to feel comfortable in opening up.

Life is great and going forward the sessions have been very positive – all good stuff.

I genuinely feel that my demons are behind me and my best days lie ahead.

Pat – Bromley

Re: Anxiety

I just couldn’t see an end to my anxiety, it was ruining my life. I had been using alcohol to ‘calm my nerves’ – I barely went out.

Thank you for showing me there is a way through – I feel so much better and back to being myself.

Andrea put me so much at ease and listened, I recommend her to anyone who needs help with anxiety.

T – Medway

Feedback from – A2B Confidence, Motivation and Presenting Skills Workshops

“I really enjoyed the whole afternoon”
“Thought provoking”
“Really made me think about my beliefs”
“I learnt a lot”
“Approachable coach and made me see areas in my life that I need to address”
“I found the subject interesting and I enjoyed the participation and discussions”
“It was important knowing I’m not alone in confidence issues and that I CAN take small steps to achieving my goal”
“Understanding what may hold people back”
“I liked the general atmosphere and learning how people can view their beliefs and form habits and anxiety”
“I learnt how to think about and plan goals”
“It worked so well for me, I learnt a lot and I am grateful for the information I received today, as a person with low confidence issues I thinks others should know about it”
“It was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it, which I didn’t expect as a sufferer of anxiety, I was quickly put at ease”
“Great interaction in the group”
“Excellent presentation as it was clear and concise”

Grace Kelly 21st Century Carpets

Commercial and Domestic flooring, forming alliances with builders completing great projects or alone on a personal 1-2-1
I attended a course ran by this lovely lady, the whole course is very positive, there was interaction, which helps understanding and even if we think we are confidence Andrea can show you how you can excel even further with confidence.

I can recommend her simply through her understand and listening skills.

Grace Kelly

Steve Rochester

I was very lucky to have met Andrea at a networking event and I’m so pleased I did. Andrea is extremely knowledgeable and has really helped me to improve my confidence in a number of areas which has made a big difference to me and to my business.

I highly recommend you go and see Andrea to find out how she can help you too

Steve Rochester

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