I am passionate about empowering people to live a life they choose these amazing testimonials also pay tribute to the clients committed to change

The following testimonials have been received either by email, in writing, by phone, or posted on our Social Media pages

‘I’ve had another breakthrough’

‘I’ve had another breakthrough, I got through a busy day with no problems or issues at all

I feel ‘normal’

Thank you’

‘whatever you did – Worked’

‘Hi Andrea

whatever you did worked – I grounded myself, prepared and it all went soooooooo well.

Thank you’


Testimonials from previous workshops / courses

I love what I do, and testimonials say it better than I can :-

‘It wasn’t what I thought, it was so much better’ (a manager)

‘Really made me think’    –    ‘Thought provoking, I really enjoyed it, thank you’  –

‘Can’t think of anything to improve the workshop’ x 5

‘Good information, loved the group discussion’

‘I now have a better understanding of what hold people back from feeling confident, a brilliant workshop’

‘I’m really happy I came along, and grateful for all I’ve learnt and feel this is a workshop for anyone with low confidence. It was fantastic’

‘Well delivered, I learnt so much, that I now want to put in practice’

‘I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments, and feel so much more confident to present’

‘I feel so much more confident, capable and motivated to make a difference in my life, in order to achieve my goals.

‘I really like the way the day was structured. Brilliant’

Testimonials from my Courses and Workshops

I feel so passionate about helping others feel more Confident and empowered to do the things they want and love – and to feel so much happier and confident in themselves.




























A one day workshop with dance teachers

I had such a good day delivering a workshop to The Right Steps Dance Company – such a wonderful group of people delivering dance to schools, and residential homes, and teaching dance to a variety of students.

They all value their self development, to improve themselves so they can deliver a great service

They engaged so positively and we had a great day – ending with Mindfulness


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I found our session very helpful

This lovely client had never explored the workings of the mind, and due to a better understanding of themselves, made bold

changes that enhanced their life, making them feel happier

Overcoming the fear of flying – the world is now my oyster

This client’s fear of flying was not only affecting them, but their whole family

Below is the message they sent me, once at the holiday destination

Highly recommended

I’d highly recommend attending one of Andrea’s workshops.

The techniques she provided have improved how I feel and view myself, which

in turn is strengthening all aspects of my life



Fear into excitement !


I loved coming to see you
before I had my exam, where I had
to perform in front of examiners
and others.
You helped me so much, and
you managed to turn my fear into
Thank you



Hi Andrea

Thanks for the MP3 – I listened to it in bed last night and slept like a log, so brilliant!

Feel really confident using the techniques you showed me, I feel so good, and that my anxiety is not only managable but resolved

Thank you so much for your help!



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