Create the world you want to be part of – Starting with You















Create the world you want to be part of.Starting with You. 

You be the person you want to spend time with, love and laugh with.

Every thought you have created your outer world.

As within – so without.

Your world begins and ends with a You. You are the centre of your universe. 

I see clients who want so much to be right in their lives, to ‘be happy’ to have the right partner, job, friends, life – once you really get to know You, your true self, and let go of anger resentment frustration and guilt, and concentrate on being the person you would love to be around – everything changes – I know 


10 ways to look after MIND, BODY and SOUL



Our Mind, Body and Soul are linked.

Looking after yourself in every respect, creates balance in your life

You cope well in all areas of your life by looking after You, perform better, reaching your potential, by being a healthy happy You.

Putting You first is not selfish, it is essential.

‘If you’re OK, you world is better’ 

  1. Cleanse your body and keep your mind clear by drinking plenty of water. By staying hydrated – you perform better, it helps your immune system, keeps your joints supple, and aids digestion. You will also have better skin.
  2. Nourish your body with great food, that fuels you, and aids your body to stay healthy.
  3. Make time for You – to do the things that feed your Soul, like art, nature, music, reading, travel or spending time with family and friends
  4. Exercise – to keep your body and mind healthy – the benefits of regular exercise are amazing, helping you to not only keep fit, but to help keep a healthy mindset, to feel energised and to sleep better. I like to exercise outside, and I then feel like I’m feeding my soul too.
  5. Get enough sleep. As we all know, lack of sleep really can make you feel under par, and affects everything that you do. It can lead to feeling stressed, not coping so well with situations and people. Real lack of sleep can lead to accidents too, as poor sleep affects the cognitive ability of your mind, your co-ordination and reaction times. If you think your poor sleep is due to ill health, then you must seek advice from your GP. Do try and have a good bedtime routine, wind down properly, like having a relaxing bath, warm milky drink, cutting out on caffine, switching off devices, listening to relaxing music, or read / listen to a book etc…
  6. Spend time with people that make you feel good, that support you, where you can be yourself. We generally feel happier, if we feel we belong, and are accepted in some way.
  7. Learn to say NO to others so you don’t burden yourself with doing too much for others, at the expense of You, and what you need. It can help to say: “let me check I can do that for you” if someone asks you to do something, this gives you a ‘pause‘ to really think about whether you truly have the time, or want to do what has been asked of you.
  8. Take up mindfulness or meditation – most especially if you suffer with anxiety, stress or depression, chronic illness or pain. The overall health benefits for your mind, body and soul are incredible.
  9. Get a hobby or interest – doing something you love, with likeminded people, and being part of a community, has huge health benefits. You could join a sport group and not only have comeradere but support in terms of getting fit, and quite often make new friends and get a social life too. Maybe something like a photography group, an organisation or charity where it is about helping others, a choir, a walking group, an art class, a local conservation group…the list is endless
  10. The power of music is proven to change your mindset. Listening and dancing to uplifting music, or nostalgic tunes, has an amzing effect on all aspects of your health and mood. If you’re feeling a little down, or anxious, put on a happy uplifting tune, and try not to feel better!

Just 10 ways to feed your Body Mind and Soul – we are all different, and you will know what works best for you, to help you feel happy and healthy.

Make time for YOU – look after YOU

If you want to know more – then do get in touch


A great start to the Year

As Janauary draws to a close, I thought I would recap on an amazing month, and start to the year.

I launched this great new website, created by Neil from Clockwork Moggy. Due to his skill, the webiste is much easier to navigate for You.

Carrie, also from Clockwork Moggy, created my wondeful new Logo, which I am so very pleased with. The logo is well thoughout, and represents the completeness and cycle of a circle, the iris of an eye, and the world, there are brain waves and arrows for direction and change, with my intitials within. The colours are my favourite; they are warm, and again they way they are blended represents how we as humans are colourful, complex, and warm, and all that we are is a blend of many things.











Personal Approach – Professional Results – Like Clockwork


I now also have a room at Holcome Health Clinic, on the Chatham / Rochester boarder, with a most wonderful team.

Lou, Julie, Lisa, Tom, Geraldine with many health therapies now offered















I am also running more A2B Workshops, this month the workshop is MOTIVATE – helping you understand Motivation and how to get it, and keep it, and also to understand why we may lack it at times. My workshops are informative, thought provoking and fun. There are many interactive activities, including some goal setting and making Vision Boards. I get great feedback, mostly 10’s – which you will find on my website under testimonials.




















I have also given talks on Confidence and mentored in a local school, as well as seeing clients on a 121 basis, for many things like Anxiety, and phobias, fear of flying, anger / stress and feelings of low self worth.

I can talk to you over the phone or via skype, if you would like to find out any more about what services and therapies I offer.

My Summer newsletter July 2017

I will be sharing tips, insights and news on all subjects related to Confidence. I am passionate about what I do and determined to make a difference. Even small changes or shifts can have a big impact on your life, and those close to you.
Being confident is about being happy with yourself, calmly confident with who you are, and that you are unique and have a lot to offer.

‘Be Yourself – everyone else is already taken’

Oscar Wilde

In the News…

I keep an eye on what is in the news regarding Mental Health, and at the moment, it is staggering the amount of current reporting.
Such as – the rise of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and that the level of care needed is not always available. PTSD for most people relates to Military personnel, and the care has been criticised by some, for serving war veterans and those who left the military Read More

Sleep – tips for a good night’s rest


Sleep is so important for us. A good amount of sleep rejuvenates us, without good quality sleep we cannot perform well cognitively, we can get grumpy, stressed and be more susceptible to illness, and put ourselves at risk of making mistakes. While we sleep, our sub-conscious mind processes our day, and we dream. Sleep is when our cells repair, which is why we feel tired when we are unwell, as our body only repairs while sleeping. Growth hormone is only active when we sleep, which is why young children and teenagers need their sleep. A typical cycle of sleep is 90 minutes, which is why sometimes you can wake up at an odd hour and feel like you could get up, and other times feel so groggy when woken up. Read More

Small changes = Big results

A small story

Just a small story to highlight how something so small can make such a difference.

I had a new composite door fitted a while back, and I was incredibly pleased with it, until one day the locking mechanism would not work. Unfortunately for me, I was on the outside of my house, and the door would not lock, and would not open, and my back door was locked with the key in the door! I was on my way to a meeting that I needed to attend, so had to leave it. A locksmith came out late that night, as I was out of hours for the door manufacturer, with the total confidence he would get me in through my door ‘in a jiffy’ Nope! He really tried, but was worried about ruining the door. I was stranded.

The manufacturer sent their guy out the following day, with difficulty, he opened the door, stripped, cleaned and oiled the mechanism – bingo, it worked…for one day! He came out again baffled, and as he started to take the mechanism out again, noticed a loose very small screw, less than (I’m guessing here) 0.01% of the entire mechanism of the door, causing the fault! Read More

Confidence in Sales for you Business

On the 28th March 2017, I had the pleasure of being invited onto Channel Radio, for the Business Bunker show, by Paul Andrews. This show is to serve and support all local businesses in Kent. This was my first, and hopefully not last, experience of being on a radio show.

You can listen to it the show no. 319 – part 1 on or

Before going on the show, I asked what area of business would people like more Confidence in by doing a poll, asking if it would be in a) Sales, b) Presenting, c) Using the Telephone, or d) dealing with Conflict? Overwhelmingly it was the area of sales.

There are several reasons as to why people feel they need more confidence in this area. Sales ultimately make or break for your business, and of course is a concern.

‘Sales’ is a form of presenting. Presenting is a top fear; people worry they may get it wrong, be rejected, be judged and that people won’t buy from them. It also can be that they are so under pressure, from themselves or others, to perform or reach targets that may not always be realistic. This sort of pressure is picked up on very quickly by customers or potential customers. Read More