More about your Confidence Coach


Each of you are unique, with your own challenges, personal issues, behaviours and thoughts. I really look forward  and enjoy helping you explore issues / unwanted behaviours and habits that you would like to change, to enable you to gain confidence and skills to take forward into your everyday life, by working together in partnership.

What I have learnt:-  is take time to get to know yourself, find out what you do want, at least have a general idea of what does not serve your personal growth any-more AND that everyone can make the changes they want. Everyone is important and of value.

Take little steps every day towards your goals, towards positive changes, whether big or small and you will be astounded with the results, what doors you can close and ones that can open for you, with a positive approach to finding realistic achievable solutions that work for You.

I have had amazing results with clients, and I truly love helping and empowering people to make positive life changes. This is all done by working closely with you and I help you to uncover your answers and solutions. Each client I work with is amazing - You are the expert on YOU,  

Let me help You be the best You that You can be.

I look forward to working with You.

AndreaBarker ConfidenceCoach


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