A2B Motivational Training

A2B Motivational Training

Dates also now added for May 2017 - Based in Kent
Develop your inner Confidence, feel more Motivated and Present Confidently - Whether personally or professionally -  The workshops are friendly, informative and fun. You will leave feeling great, and with tools to be your Best You. I can also deliver workshops to suit your business.
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I run A2B Workshops and Training for You and for your Business.

Confidence and Motivation affect Productivity, as does Presenting, which is not just about presenting a talk or running a meeting, but also how you 'present' yourself and the business to everyone, other staff members, your customers, including when you or your staff are away from the business.
The Workshops are informative and fun, but mostly empowering and inspiring to help individuals, or teams / businesses and leaders to feel more Confident in their abilities.  Confidence and Motivation is directly linked to productivity. Low self-esteem, lack of motivation, poor presenting skills have a negative affect on you, and on Business. On average 9.9 million working days are lost through Stress, Anxiety and Depression.
This has a massive impact on and individual's life, and for business in terms of time and productivity and of course financially. 
The Physical and Mental health, and well being of every individual is paramount to feeling happy, confident, motivated and productive. 
Find the inspiration, Confidence and Motivation within You, enabling positive changes and the momentum to move forward, positively and productively.


I run my Workshops over 1, 2 or 3 days. They are great for anyone who would like to feel more motivated and Confident. They involve individual tasks and group focused activities, in an informal but structured way.
For Businesses, dependent on requirements, the workshops / training can be tailored to fit around business, and staff. They can be run once a month for a set period, or once a fortnight.                                          



Do you Value yourself? Do you feel valued?  
Do you want to feel more Confident in yourself and your abilities? Would you like to overcome fear that holds you back from achieving your best?
Would you like confidence in speaking with people, communicating better?
Maybe more confidence presenting at work or events?                                                                                
As an employer, do you want to help with the health and well being of your staff and therefore your business? To gain more understanding of the benefits of a workforce that feel valued, Confident, motivated, inspired and happy.
Training Learning Aims and Objectives:                                                                                                                        
  • Building on Self Confidence
  • Finding what Motivates you or the business
  • Challenging self limiting Beliefs and becoming more self aware
  • Overcoming Barriers and Fears
  • An understanding of how we learn
  • Looking at self Accountability, Discipline, Responsibility, and Resilience
  • Organisation skills and effective Time and Task management
  • How to reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Understanding why we sometimes find change difficult and banishing bad habits
  • Setting realistic Goals and being Solution focused
  • Identifying key Strengths and how to build on them
  • The skill of effective Communication, including conflict management
    Expectations on yourself, others Staff, and Client expectation - leading to a better outcome and client journey
  • Unlock your potential 
    Feeling Healthy Happy Confident Motivated and Valued leads to a happy healthy personal and work life.  

    'Confidence is an inside job'       

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         Tel: 07984 047557 

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The following testimonials have been received either by email, in writing, by phone, or posted on our Social Media pages




The following testimonials have been received either by email, in writing, by phone, or posted on our Social Media pages



You can make the positive changes you want - look at this wonderful testimonial from a client :




Re: Anxiety

'I just couldn't see an end to my anxiety, it was ruining my life. I had been using alcohol to 'calm my nerves' - I barely went out.

Thank you for showing me there is a way through - I feel so much better and back to being myself.

Andrea put me so much at ease and listened, I recommend her to anyone who needs help with anxiety.

T - Medway

Feedback from - A2B Confidence, Motivation and Presenting Skills Workshops

I really enjoyed the whole afternoon ----- thought provoking ----- really made me think about my beliefs ----- I learnt a lot ----- approachable coach and made me see areas in my life that I need to address ----- I found the subject interesting and I enjoyed the participation and discussions -----it was important knowing I'm not alone in confidence issues and that I CAN take small steps to achieving my goal ----- understanding what may hold people back ----- I liked the general atmosphere and learning how people can view their beliefs and form habits and anxiety -----  I learnt how to think about and plan goals ----- it worked so well for me, I learnt a lot and I am grateful for the information I received today, as a person with low confidence issues I thinks others should know about it ----- It was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it, which I didn't expect as a sufferer of anxiety, I was quickly put at ease ----- great interaction in the group ----- excellent presentation as it was clear and concise 



Grace Kelly 21st Century Carpets
Commercial and Domestic flooring, forming alliances with builders completing great projects or alone on a personal 1-2-1
I attended a course ran by this lovely lady, the whole course is very positive, there was interaction, which helps understanding and even if we think we are confidence Andrea can show you how you can excel even further with confidence.
I can recommend her simply through her understand and listening skills        www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-barker



Interior Designer at Bernard Woods Interiors
I attended a course run by Andrea, WOW - It highlighted so much to me. To the point I now use the information in my day to day running of my business.
I highly recommend you contact Andrea and use her unique talent.

Bernard Woods Interiors                                                                             www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-barker                                         


"I was very lucky to have met Andrea at a networking event and I’m so pleased I did.

Andrea is extremely knowledgeable and has really helped me to improve my confidence in a number of areas which has made a big difference to me and to my business.

I highly recommend you go and see Andrea to find out how she can help you too."


















Steve  Rochester        April 2016  







I have previously worked with Andrea within the pharmaceutical industry and have know her personally for 14years. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a hypnotherapist and confidence coach. I have had positive feedback from colleagues that I have introduce to her for hypnotherapy, who have found the experience beneficial and Andrea to be both personable and professional.
Caron Wilkinson - KAM / Clinical Sales Specialist Haematology - January 2016


 Dear Andrea

Referring to: To my outstanding hypnotherapy 


I am writing to praise you for being exceptional, professional and outstanding, and highly client focused, with an inclusive, helpful and understanding approach. You have really challenged me to succeed and made me feel more confident in my ability to continue to progress with the changes I want to make.

Keep up the fantastic work and ever thanks for making a difference to my life.


Rochester, Kent




Hi Andrea,
 The session you gave me was great – really was – thank you very much. It was relaxing, soothing and enlightening, you are extremely personable and easy to talk too, as well as totally empathetic with the circumstances I found myself in.
After the session I felt wonderful – totally serene and relaxed.It helped me on my way to feeling much more positive and confident about the future. I felt great for days afterwards.

Andrea you’re amazing! Thank you again





Dear Andrea
 I can’t put into words how much you have helped me. I had a recent dilemma that I dealt with so differently, from how I would have before.
 Thank you so much

This list is not exhaustive 

  • Confidence building
  • Low self esteem
  • Getting motivated
  • Procrastination
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Anxiety 
  • Social phobia
  • Stuttering
  • Blushing
  • Phobias / Fear of flying / spiders / heights / the dentist etc…
  • Public speaking 
  • Performance – at work – on stage / meetings / sport
  • Anxieties around sex
  • Self sabotage
  • Habits - like nail biting
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness / relaxation
  • Memory
  • Exam nerves / driving test
  • Depression
  • Insomnia / poor sleep
  • Smoke cessation
  • Weight control / eating habits / comfort eating
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relationships
  • IBS
  • Release of emotions
  • Loss
  • Age regression
  • Past life regression
  • Pain control
  • Anger issues
  • Forgiveness
  • Pessimism / negativity
  • Obsessions /OCD  


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Please note…hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy, and while the results can be incredibly beneficial to you, it is not a substitute for medication you have been prescribed. If you feel you want to cease taking medication, this is something you must discuss with your medical practitioner. 

Also being a complementary therapy it can work in conjunction with other therapies. You possibly my have been referred to hypnotherapy, and likewise if I felt you may benefit from other therapies then I would also be advising you accordingly.

A Professional, confidential, friendly, understanding service where you will get positive results. We cover The Medway Towns (Chatham, Rochester, Gillingham, Strood and Rainham) offering Hypnotherapy for a variety of problems and concerns.

NHS description:

Panic disorder is where you have recurring and regular panic attacks, often for no apparent reason.

If you are a sufferer you will know that the symptoms can be very intense, and you can have an overwhelming sense of fear, apprehension and foreboding, without knowing why. You will also probably have the feelings of nausea, your heart racing, sweating and shaking and you can’t catch your breath, leaving you feeling very scared, even feeling like you may die.

A Panic attack does not usually last more that 10 minutes, and the frequency varies form person to person.This can be a frightening experience, and cause a lot of anxiety for sufferers, as a ‘panic attack’ can come out of the blue, leaving you on tender-hooks and compounding anxiety.

Sufferers can also start to ‘catastrophize’ which is believing something is, or going to be much much worse than it is.

There can be many reasons as to why Panic attacks have occurred.

Hypnotherapy is a great complementary treatment, alongside other medical treatment or therapies you may have, to help you relax and manage the ‘attacks’ very effectively.

Note: it is important that Panic Disorder has been diagnosed by your Doctor.

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