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30 tips to help with Stress

Relief and management of stress

Find a friend, a work colleague, a family member, your GP or an organisation to support you – you really do not need to cope alone. Find what works for you – Get back to being YOU

30 (plus 1) ideas and tips: to help you manage your Stress levels

  1. Step back, pause and think about what is at the root cause of your stress? be honest about what really should be addressed, even if painful or embarrassing as facing a problem head on, as calmly and as reasoned as you can, will start to resolve it and you may find help or strategies you were not aware of
  2. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions, this can be hard – however once you do, the solutions tend to follow, because you are more open to accepting them. If it means admitting you are wrong or sorry – then rise to it and feel the stress lift from your shoulders – and then you can get on with how to fix things
  3. Change what you can change
  4. Recognise and accept what or who you are not in control of changing, and change how you VIEW the situation or the person / persons – your view, your thoughts – you do control Read More